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Yibolai Refrigerating Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is a professional refrigeration company with design,installation, after-sale service, and trade all in one. We specialize in installing multiple specifications of cold storages, freezers, controlled atmosphere storage houses, subzero storages, and other refrigerating devices. Moreover, we also work on peculiar refrigeration processes within patent projects, such as medicine cold storage, climate monitoring, and ultralow temperature sterilization & disinfection. After years of effort, we have gained recognitions, public praise, and reputation in this industry.

Yibolai has an experienced service team who is good at designing, installing, and maintaining. For years, Yibolai has produced respectable competitive projects involving various industries and overseas markets in countries such as Australia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, Ukraine, and North Korea.

We have leading experts in this industry, and experienced professional technicians in the area of international construction in our technical team regarding designing, construction, maintenance, and after-sale service. Joining us in this elite team, we have authoritative experts in food, fresh-keeping, refrigeration & storage technology: Researcher ZHOU Yucheng from Chinese Academy of Forestry, Professor WANG Jianzhong from Beijing Forestry University, as well as Senior Engineer WANG Bing from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences. We can design cold storages which measure up to Code for Design of Cold Storages GB50072-2010 for China Food Industry and cold storages for special areas which measure up to GSP, and GMP. We can also design cold storages which measure up to food storage specifications in Europe and Australia. Last but not least, we can design refrigerating engineering in line with environmental protection and Freon-refrigerant-free. International advanced technologies such as remote control & monitoring, and auto fault alarm can be realized in all of our cold storages. Our construction crew members have all been strictly trained and have taken appointments with certificates. While key members have at least 15 years of construction experience, other members also have at least 8 years of site construction experience. Such a strong crew can make sure that every detail in every project is rigorous, responsible, and standardized.


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