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Why did you choose us?

Many well-known partners
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The company has strong technical force, with an experienced design, installation and maintenance service team. It has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with major scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning. Over the years, it has created many excellent projects involving various industries, such as Beidaihe Zhongzhi Sanatorium, Beijing Xishan Service Bureau, General Logistics Department of the PLA and other government departments, Tsinghua University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Forestry University, Beijing Language University, Youth Political College, etc. Special scientific experimental fields such as National Flower Research Center, Chinese Academy of Forestry and Fangshan Institute of Agricultural Sciences. Shuanghui Beijing Warehouse, Hauliyou Langfang Production Base, Noxin High-end Cake Beijing Production Base, etc., products are also exported to Australia, Ukraine, South Pacific and other countries.

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