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Why did you choose us?

Our technical team
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Our design, construction, maintenance and after-sales team are all authoritative experts in China's own industry and professional and technical personnel with rich international construction experience. Associated with China's authoritative experts in food, fresh-keeping and frozen storage technology: Zhou Yucheng, Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Professor Wang Jianzhong, Beijing Forestry University, and Wang Bing, Senior Engineer, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization, constitute the strongest expert design team. It can be designed to meet the Chinese Food "Cold Storage Design Code" GB50072-2010 standard, and special industries meet the GSP, GMP standard cold storage. The design of refrigerators in line with European and Australian food storage specifications can design and construct environmental friendly Freon free refrigerants. All refrigerators can achieve international advanced standards such as remote monitoring, automatic fault alarm and so on. Our construction personnel have been strictly trained and certified to work. The key technicians have more than 15 years of construction experience in the same industry, and the ordinary technicians have more than 8 years of field construction experience. Ensure that every project and construction details are rigorous, responsible and in accordance with the specifications.

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