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Scientific Research Refrigerator
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Scientific research cold storage mainly refers to the use of cryogenic refrigeration to preserve some scientific research supplies, which is of great significance to the development of biological science and technology in China. It is one of the most important preservation technologies of scientific research products in China today. Scientific research cold storage is mainly used in biological scientific research experiments, such as seed storage and fresh-keeping, fungi storage and so on.

Scientific research cold storage requires high technology and stable temperature. At the same time, it must have some scientific and technological considerations. It can not only store scientific research products, but also carry out scientific experimental research inside the cold storage.

Classification of Scientific Research Refrigerators

According to the technical use, scientific research cold storage can be divided into biological cold storage, experimental cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage, chemical cold storage, etc. According to the working use, scientific research cold storage can also be divided into seed cold storage, blood cold storage, medical cold storage, fungus cold storage, vaccine cold storage, etc. Scientific research cold storage can also be divided into scientific research cold storage, scientific research cold storage and scientific research quick-freeze storage according to temperature, general. The frozen storage is defined as the frozen storage at the temperature of 0 and - 18 and below - 18 respectively. The frozen storage for scientific research refers to that the temperature can rapidly drop to a very low temperature to freeze the scientific research articles, which can better preserve the fresh boxes.

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