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Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
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Pharmaceutical refrigerators mainly store all kinds of medicinal products which can not be guaranteed under normal temperature. Under low temperature refrigeration conditions, the medicines will not deteriorate and fail, and the shelf life of medicines will be prolonged. The temperature of refrigerators is generally -5 ~8%.

temperature range

Vaccine bank; 0 8 C can be used to store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Pharmaceutical Storage: 2 ~8 C for storage of medicines and biological products.

Blood Storage: 5 1 C can be used to store blood, pharmaceutical biological products, etc.

Cryogenic storage: plasma, biomaterials, vaccines, reagents, etc. are stored at - 20 ~30%.

Ultra-low temperature storage library: - 30 ~80 C can be used to preserve placenta, semen, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow, biological samples and so on.

GSP Drug Refrigerator Configuration:

1. Refrigerator insulation system:

PU polyurethane double-sided color steel cold storage insulation board with good thermal insulation effect can effectively reduce heat loss and save energy and electricity. The cold storage door is equipped with door curtain, and the silent air curtain machine is installed on the cold storage door to prevent the cold air flow from passing too fast during the opening operation, which causes the temperature instability in the cold storage.

2. Refrigeration system of refrigeration depot: two sets of refrigeration units are used in Beijing area; temperature control system adopts Italian American temperature controller; temperature control system of refrigeration depot is set at 2-8 degrees, refrigeration starts automatically when the depot reaches 8 degrees, and stops automatically when the depot reaches 2 degrees; temperature of refrigeration depot is controlled automatically; there is no need for manual duty; refrigeration system adopts two sets of systems with one set and one set when the depot reaches 8 degrees. When the unit fails to start up, another set of standby units will automatically switch operation. Two sets of refrigeration units stand by each other to improve the efficiency of the unit, balance the working frequency of the two units, reduce the wear and tear of the long-term operation of a single unit, and improve the service life of the equipment to maintain efficient operation.

3. Automatic Monitoring System of Temperature and Humidity

It is composed of a temperature and humidity recorder and a temperature and humidity monitoring system software that meet the requirements of the new GSP. The monitoring points are distributed on the high temperature points and low temperature points in the drug storage area of the cold storage to prevent the temperature in the cold storage from being too high or too low.

4. Standby Power Supply

The standby power supply adopts diesel generator, which meets the acceptance requirements of the new version of GSP.

5. Computer and Printer

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