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Meat and seafood freezer
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Refrigeration stores are short-term or long-term storage of frozen food and food that need to be cooled. Mainly applicable to the storage of various meat and aquatic products. The temperature of cryopreservation is below - 15 C, and the storage of seafood products and cold drinks need to be below - 20 C before they will not deteriorate. If the temperature is below - 20 C, the taste of seafood products will be quite different.

The freezing rate of food is higher when the temperature of cold storage falls below - 15 C. Microorganisms and enzymes basically stop their activities and growth, and oxidation is very slow. Therefore, food can be stored for a long time, and has better refrigeration quality. In addition, refrigerated food also requires that the temperature in the storage should be fairly stable, and the greater fluctuation of temperature will cause the spoilage of things.

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