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Fresh Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
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Fresh storage of fruits and vegetables is a storage method which can inhibit the activity of microorganisms and enzymes and prolong the long-term life of fruits and vegetables. Fresh-keeping temperature of fruits and vegetables ranges from 0 to 15 C. Fresh-keeping storage can reduce the incidence of pathogenic bacteria and the rotting rate of fruits. It can also slow down the respiratory and metabolic process of fruits, so as to prevent decay and prolong the storage period, and greatly improve the quality of fresh-keeping fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping storehouse has the following characteristics:

(1) Wide scope of application: suitable for the storage and preservation of various fruits, vegetables, flowers and seedlings in the north and south of China.

(2) The storage period is long and the economic benefit is high. If the grape is fresh for 7 months, the apple is fresh for 6 months, and the garlic moss is fresh for 7 months, the total loss is less than 5%. Generally, the price of grape is only 1.5 yuan per kilogram, while the price can reach 6 yuan per kilogram before and after the Spring Festival. It can be used for 30 years to build a cold storage at one time, and the economic benefit is remarkable. Investments made in that year have yielded results.

(3) The operation technology is simple and the maintenance is convenient. The temperature of refrigeration equipment is controlled by micro-computer. It can start and stop automatically without special guardianship. It is technically, economically and practically matched.

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