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Logistics Cold Storage
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The function of logistics cold storage has changed from "low temperature storage" type of traditional cold storage to "circulation" type and "cold chain logistics distribution" type. Its facilities are built according to the use requirements of low temperature distribution center.


(1) Build low-temperature hall, closed platform and set up electric sliding refrigeration door, anti-collision flexible seal, platform height adjustment device (lifting platform). The realization of "door-to-door" loading and unloading operation has become the symbol of modern logistics cold storage.

(2) Frequent entry and exit of goods, large throughput, according to the needs of production and operation set up a special tallying room (area), tallying area temperature is generally controlled at 0 ~+7 C.

(3) The design of refrigeration system of logistics cold storage pays more attention to environmental protection and energy saving. The warehouse temperature control range is wide. The selection, layout and wind speed field design of cooling equipment take into account the refrigeration requirements for a variety of goods. It is equipped with perfect automatic temperature detection, recording and automatic control device.

(4) Establish a perfect computer network system to make the distribution management of refrigeration supply chain scientific and to achieve traceability of food safety. In the European Union, the United States and Japan, all enterprises in the food supply chain have the statutory obligation to implement traceability system.

(5) Refrigeration and refrigeration warehousing mode began to change to shelf-type and palletization, so as to realize the management of goods according to the principle of "first in first out", which is conducive to improving the quality of goods storage and reducing losses.

(6) The three-dimensional automatic cold storage is managed by computer, which can realize the automation of loading and unloading, stacking, temperature control and refrigeration equipment operation without any operator. With the help of computer management, it can provide the name, quantity, storage space, warehouse temperature resume, automatic clearing and storage fee and invoicing of inventory goods at any time, which improves the management efficiency and greatly reduces the management personnel.

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